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Battle Over Tipped Minimum Wage Intensifies as Illinois Legislative Session Nears End

Challenges Mount for Illinois Tipped Workers’ Wage Equality Push as Legislative Session Nears End

Strong Opposition Emerges Against Ending Tipped Wage Disparity in Illinois: Suburban Democrats Express Concerns

According to Chicagotribune, Efforts to stop paying tipped workers less than the regular minimum wage in Illinois are facing challenges as the current legislative session is ending. Even though One Fair Wage and supportive lawmakers like State Sen. Lakesia Collins and State Rep. Elizabeth “Lisa” Hernandez are pushing for it, the bill hasn’t been voted on yet. This difficulty shows how hard it is to make rules that apply to the whole state, especially after Chicago already got rid of the lower tipped wage last year.

Despite the determination of those who want this change, there’s still strong opposition. Groups like the Illinois Restaurant Association, led by Sam Toia, say the problem the bill wants to fix doesn’t exist. They think it’s more important to make sure the current wage laws are followed. Some suburban Democrats, like Reps. Angelica Guerrero-Cuellar and Curtis Tarver, are also worried about how it might affect small businesses and keep workers outside of Chicago.

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Battle Over Tipped Minimum Wage Intensifies as Illinois Legislative Session Nears End (PHOTO: GOOGLE)

Frustration Mounts Among Workers Over Wage Inequality: Calls for Legal Protection Amplify Amid Tipped Minimum Wage Debate

Workers are still frustrated with how they’re paid. They say they’re not getting enough and don’t have enough legal protection. People like Nataki Rhodes, who used to work for tips, say laws need to be on the workers’ side. Leaders from places outside Chicago, like State Rep. Hernandez, are concerned about what keeping the tipped wage might mean for local businesses. Even though it’s uncertain what will happen next, especially with the fall veto session coming up, there’s still a lot of talk about ending the tipped minimum wage across the country.

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