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$11.9M Injected Annually: Shearer’s Foods Expands to Moraine, Ohio, Creating 250 Jobs


Shearer’s Foods is expanding to Moraine, Ohio, with a tax credit, creating 250 jobs and injecting over $11.9 million annually into the local economy.

Shearer’s Foods Expands to Moraine, Ohio: Creating 250 Jobs and Boosting Local Economy

Shearer’s Foods, headquartered in Massillon, Ohio, is expanding to Moraine near Dayton, thanks to a tax credit approved by the Ohio Tax Credit Authority. This move will create 250 full-time jobs and inject over $11.9 million annually into the local economy, according to the report of Yahoo Finance.

The expansion aims to meet increased demand and support new product lines by acquiring a former General Motors building. The new facility is expected to be up and running by late 2026.

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(photo: PennWatch)

Shearer’s Foods Expansion Signals Confidence in Local Economy Amidst Acquisition and Industry Shifts

Shearer’s Foods, famous for its chips and snacks, operates across the US and Canada. Its recent acquisition by Clayton Dubilier & Rice has raised questions about its local operations, particularly in Stark County where it has a long-standing presence.

Despite challenges, including the closure of its Lubbock, Texas facility earlier this year, Shearer’s Foods remains resilient. With roots dating back to the early 1900s in Canton, the company has grown into a market leader, adapting to changing consumer tastes and industry trends.

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Additionally, the tax credit approval highlights Ohio’s commitment to fostering business growth and employment opportunities. Shearer’s Foods’ expansion showcases its confidence in the local economy while emphasizing its dedication to meeting consumer demands with innovative products.

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