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Over $125 Million Unclaimed in Middle-Class Tax Refund Payments – Assemblyman Urges Enhanced Security Measures as Deadline Looms

(photo: Business Insider)

Hundreds of thousands of Americans haven’t claimed their Middle-Class Tax Refund payments yet, totaling over $125 million.

Unclaimed Government Relief Payments: Up to $125 Million in Middle-Class Tax Refunds

Hundreds of thousands of Americans haven’t claimed their government relief payments yet. These payments ranging from $200 to $1,050 were meant to help with rising costs. Despite millions of payments already sent out, there’s still over $125 million untouched and the deadline to claim is approaching fast, The US Sun.

The relief program, called the Middle-Class Tax Refund (MCTR) started in October 2022 after talks between Governor Gavin Newsom and lawmakers. It’s a one-time payment either directly to bank accounts or through debit cards. But with reports of scammers stealing money from these cards, there are concerns about security.

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(photo: CNBC)

Assemblyman Jim Patterson Calls for Investigation and Enhanced Security Measures Amid Concerns of Fraud in Unclaimed Government Relief Payments.

State Assemblyman Jim Patterson is worried about the similarities between this situation and past fraud cases, like the one with the Employment Development Department in 2020. The scale of potential fraud here seems even bigger. It’s clear we need to investigate and improve security to protect those who need this help.

With the deadline to claim approaching and worries about fraud, it’s crucial for people to stay vigilant. There’s still a lot of money left unclaimed, so we need to make sure it goes to those who really need it. This situation shows the challenges of giving out relief money and the importance of making sure it gets to the right people.

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