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California Unemployment Rate Stays High at 5.3% Despite Job Growth; Sanders Backs Rent Control Measure |

(photo: Los Angeles Times)

California maintains the highest unemployment rate in the U.S. at 5.3% attributed to struggles of small businesses and tech layoffs.

California Unemployment Rate Stays Highest in U.S. at 5.3%

California’s unemployment rate remains the highest in the nation at 5.3%, according to the state’s Employment Development Department. This is the third consecutive month it has stayed at this level contrasting with the national rate of 3.9%. Former EDD director Michael Bernick attributes this high rate to ongoing struggles of small businesses, tech layoffs, and the reduction in pandemic-related spending.

Despite this, California added 5,200 nonfarm jobs in April bringing the total to 17.99 million. However, its yearly job growth of 1.2% is below the national average of 1.8% indicating slower recovery compared to the rest of the country, according to the report of The Sacramento Bee.

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(photo: PBS)

Bernie Sanders Backs California Rent Control Measure Amidst Opposition

Senator Bernie Sanders supports a November ballot measure for rent control in California, allowing local municipalities to implement their own measures without state interference. This initiative backed by Michael Weinstein aims to aid working families. But it faces opposition from groups like the California Apartment Association and some Democratic lawmakers who fear it could harm housing development.

In Tulare, a high school teacher is accused of promoting religion and bullying atheist students. The Freedom From Religion Foundation demands action from the district superintendent to create an inclusive environment. Superintendent Lucy Van Scyoc confirms steps have been taken to address the situation focusing on removing controversial materials and ensuring student well-being.

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