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San Francisco Proposal Aims to Aid Low-Income Seniors and Disabled with Housing Opportunity Fund – $8.3M Annually for 4 Years

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Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin proposed a charter amendment in San Francisco to establish a Housing Opportunity Fund.

San Francisco Proposal to Support Low-Income Seniors and Disabled Individuals

Aaron Peskin, the President of the Board of Supervisors, proposed a charter amendment to establish a Housing Opportunity Fund in San Francisco. This fund would help low-income seniors and disabled individuals by covering rent for those aged 62 and above living in affordable housing. Peskin highlighted the significance of supporting vulnerable community members when he announced the plan at the Mary Helen Rogers Senior Community housing development, as reported by KQED.

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Photo: Issuu

Advocates Rally Behind Peskin’s Housing Opportunity Fund Proposal for Seniors and Disabled in San Francisco

Advocates back Peskin’s plan to help seniors and disabled individuals struggling with housing insecurity. The proposal aims to provide $8.3 million each year for four years, benefiting approximately 2,200 households. Despite a $1.3 billion budget deficit, Peskin remains dedicated to the initiative, stressing the urgency of action. The fate of the proposal lies with the Board of Supervisors, with a vote scheduled for November. If passed, it could significantly aid thousands in need of housing assistance.

Peskin’s proposal for a Housing Opportunity Fund in San Francisco aims to help low-income seniors and disabled individuals by covering their rent in affordable housing. Despite budget challenges, Peskin is determined to push the plan forward, highlighting its importance. Advocates are rallying behind the initiative, emphasizing its potential to assist thousands in need. The proposal’s fate rests with the Board of Supervisors with a vote expected in November. If approved it could make a significant difference for vulnerable residents struggling with housing insecurity.

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