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$900 Million Investment: Centene Teams Up with McCormack Baron Salazar to Advance Affordable Housing and Health Equity Across Eight States

(photo: Affordable Housing Finance)

Centene, in collaboration with McCormack Baron Salazar is investing $900 million in affordable housing across eight state

Centene and McCormack Baron Salazar’s $900 Million Affordable Housing Initiative to Improve Community Health

Centene, the nation’s largest Medicaid insurer is teaming up with affordable housing developer McCormack Baron Salazar to invest $900 million in creating affordable housing across eight states. This initiative recognizes the vital role of affordable housing in improving health outcomes for Centene’s members and communities, according to the report of Fortune Well.

Centene’s CEO, Sarah London believes this initiative will profoundly impact community health by addressing the root causes of disparities. She stresses the importance of tackling social and economic factors alongside medical care to truly transform health outcomes.

Dr. Michelle Gourdine from CVS Health highlights that 80% of what influences health is non-medical reinforcing the significance of initiatives like Centene’s, which address broader social determinants.

Recent years have seen a growing focus on the impact of housing instability on health. Centene’s commitment aligns with similar efforts from healthcare giants like UnitedHealth Group and Kaiser Permanente reflecting a broader recognition within the industry.

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(photo: Fortune)

Centene’s Affordable Housing Investment: Addressing Healthcare Disparities Beyond Medical Care

The shortage of affordable housing in the U.S. is a pressing issue, particularly for Medicaid enrollees. London emphasizes the importance of addressing not just healthcare access but also other key drivers of health, such as housing, food security, and childcare.

By investing in affordable housing, Centene aims to contribute to a comprehensive approach to improving health outcomes and promoting community well-being.

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