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£12.2 Million to £24 Million: Jersey Health Officials Aim to Double Revenue from Private Patients by 2028, Enhancing Healthcare Options and Funding

(photo: Bailiwick Express)

Jersey health officials led by Deputy Tom Binet plan to double revenue from private patients to £24 million by 2028.

Jersey Health Officials Plan to Double Private Patient Revenue by 2028: Deputy Tom Binet’s Strategy Aims for £24 Million Contribution

Jersey’s health officials plan to double the money they receive from private patients over the next five years. Last year, private patients contributed £12.2 million to Health and Community Services (HCS), making up 5% of their budget, according to the report of BBC.

Deputy Tom Binet’s new strategy aims to increase this to £18.8 million by 2026 and £24 million by 2028. Binet says this expansion will offer more healthcare choices for everyone on the island and attract skilled professionals to Jersey.

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(photo: Bailiwick Express)

Jersey Health Officials Aim to Double Private Patient Revenue by 2028

Chris Bown, HCS’s chief officer, explains that income from private patients is crucial for funding healthcare services. Every pound earned from private patients helps support healthcare for those without insurance or means to pay, reducing the burden on island taxation and state funding.

Furthermore, Deputy Tom Binet emphasizes that the strategy isn’t just about financial gains; it’s about expanding healthcare options for all islanders and attracting skilled professionals to Jersey. Chris Bown, HCS’s chief officer, highlights the critical role of income from private patients in funding healthcare services for Jersey’s residents.

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