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$14 Trillion Reparations Movement: California Assembly Apologizes for Slavery, Cities and States Join in Nationwide Effort

(photo: Human Rights Watch)

US cities, states, and institutions are admitting connections to slavery and moving towards reparations.

Reparations Movement Gains Momentum: Cities and States Take Action, California Assembly Apologizes

The California Assembly apologized for the state’s involvement in slavery joining other governments considering reparations. Cities and states are forming task forces to explore reparations. Boston and New York are among those taking steps in this direction. Reparations aim to compensate descendants of Black individuals affected by slavery and past injustices, according to the report of FOX News.

Wilmington, Asheville, and San Francisco are working on reparations plans including housing funds and guaranteed income programs. Boston’s task force is studying slavery’s impact to suggest reparations solutions while local activists call for financial commitments from White churches.

Evanston, Illinois, leads by example with a $10 million reparations plan inspiring others to follow suit. Rep. Jamaal Bowman pushes for a $14 trillion federal reparations program to address historical harm inflicted on Black communities.

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(photo: CalMatters)

St. Louis University Faces Demands for Reparations Amid Growing National Movement

St. Louis University faces demands for compensation for the unpaid labor of enslaved Black individuals who built the institution. Reparations discussions represent a growing acknowledgment of historical injustices and efforts to address systemic racism in the United States.

California’s apology for its role in slavery joins a larger trend of reparations efforts with cities like Boston and New York forming groups to study the issue. Efforts aim to address the lasting impact of slavery on Black communities seen in cities like Wilmington, Asheville, and San Francisco where plans for reparations are underway. Rep. Jamaal Bowman’s push for a $14 trillion federal program and St. Louis University’s acknowledgment of its ties to slavery reflect a growing awareness of the need to confront historical injustices nationwide.

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