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$1.5 Billion Investment: Missouri Lawmakers Revamp Historic Tax Credit Program, Boosting Revitalization Efforts and Injecting New Life into Downtown St. Louis!

Legislative Milestone: Missouri Lawmakers Pass Historic Tax Credit Overhaul

Boosting Urban Renewal: Amendments Aimed at Revitalizing St. Louis Landmarks

According to Missouri lawmakers recently passed significant amendments to the state’s historic tax credit program marking a crucial step towards revitalizing two prominent vacant structures in downtown St. Louis. The legislation approved on Thursday following clearance in the Senate earlier in May is heralded as a pivotal factor in facilitating the restoration of the 44-story AT&T tower and the Railway Exchange Building. Notably these modifications were embedded within a broader bill aimed at curtailing local governments’ ability to enforce eviction moratoriums without state authorization showcasing a multifaceted legislative strategy to address urban redevelopment challenges. The historic tax credit program revisions are poised to mitigate various obstacles encountered during the redevelopment phase. A notable adjustment allows projects exceeding 1 million square feet such as the AT&T tower and the Railway Exchange Building to accrue state historic tax credits over six years instead of one. This alteration aims to prevent the aggregation of tax credits within a single fiscal year ensuring equitable distribution of available funds and averting potential disparities in project funding across the state.

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$1.5 Billion Investment: Missouri Lawmakers Revamp Historic Tax Credit Program, Boosting Revitalization Efforts and Injecting New Life into Downtown St. Louis! (PHOTO: The RED Podcast)

Recognizing Historic Preservation’s Economic Impact: Missouri Lawmakers Pass Legislation to Bolster Urban Renewal

Moreover, the legislation introduces mechanisms to streamline the review process for historic preservation endeavours. Projects will now be subjected to a stringent 60-day review deadline by the State Historic Preservation Office thereby curbing delays and associated expenses. Additionally, the legislation augments the tax credit allocation for projects in counties outside St. Louis and Kansas City from 25% to 35%, providing incentives for historic rehabilitation initiatives in rural areas. These amendments underscore lawmakers’ concerted efforts to bolster revitalization endeavours and stimulate economic growth statewide, underscoring a proactive stance towards mitigating urban blight and advancing historic preservation initiatives.

Furthermore, the passage of this legislation underscores Missouri lawmakers’ recognition of the pivotal role that historic preservation plays in urban redevelopment and economic revitalization efforts. By enacting measures to incentivize and streamline the rehabilitation of historic structures legislators aim to not only breathe new life into iconic landmarks but also spur job creation, attract investment, and enhance the overall quality of life in communities statewide. Additionally, the focus on addressing disparities in tax credit distribution and expediting the review process reflects a commitment to promoting fairness, efficiency, and inclusivity in the state’s historic preservation initiatives. As such the legislative amendments signal a proactive approach towards fostering sustainable growth and preserving Missouri’s rich architectural heritage for future generations.

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