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Idaho Department of Labor Implements Stricter Work Search Rules for Unemployment Benefits


Idaho’s Department of Labor now mandates five weekly job search activities for unemployment benefits.

Idaho Department of Labor Changes Work Search Rules for Unemployment Insurance

Starting July 7, Idahoans seeking unemployment benefits must now complete and report five job search activities per week, up from the previous requirement of two. This change follows the approval of House Bill 686 by Governor Brad Little on March 26 supported by the Idaho Senate (29-3) and House (57-10), according to the report of News Ballot Pedia.

Unemployment insurance provides temporary financial aid to those actively seeking work with benefits based on a percentage of prior earnings. While overseen federally, each state manages its program specifics like eligibility and benefit duration.

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(photo: Idaho Capital Sun)

Idaho Department of Labor Boosts Job Search Requirements for Unemployment Benefits to Expedite Reemployment and Strengthen Job Market

The aim of these new rules is to encourage more active job hunting and speed up reemployment. By increasing work search obligations and policymakers hope to motivate claimants to find work more swiftly, thus strengthening Idaho’s job market.

The Idaho Department of Labor emphasizes the importance of these changes for aligning with state law and supporting individuals in regaining financial stability through employment. They’re committed to assisting claimants in understanding and meeting the new requirements.

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