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$654 SSA Overpayment Waived: How One Man Successfully Used the SSA-632 Form – Check It Out!

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Joseph successfully waived a $654 SSA overpayment by quickly filing an SSA-632 waiver form.

SSA Overpayment Waiver Strategy Proves Successful for Recipient

A Social Security recipient recently got an overpayment charge waived using a strategic approach. Earlier this year, Joseph received a letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA) about a $654 outstanding balance. He acted quickly to avoid repaying the amount through reduced Supplemental Security Income (SSI) checks, according to the report of The US Sun.

Joseph said that without quick action he would have had to repay the full amount through smaller SSI checks. Before an announcement from SSA director Martin O’Malley in March recipients with outstanding payments had to pay back the full amount quickly. Some had 30 days to repay large sums.

O’Malley’s announcement reduced the default overpayment recovery rate to 10% per check. However, Joseph argued he wasn’t responsible for the $654 overpayment and “filed for reconsideration” to waive the charge. He shared this on Facebook, detailing his proactive steps.

The SSA-632 waiver form helps those who believe they are not at fault for overpayments or cannot afford to repay. Joseph likely submitted this form after finding it online, filling it out, and submitting it locally. The SSA reviewed his case and found he was not at fault.

The SSA confirmed that Joseph had reported his wages on time, but they failed to update his records. “You reported your wages timely; however, we did not update your record in a timely manner,” the SSA wrote. They approved his appeal and waived the overpayment.

Joseph encouraged others in similar situations to seek help. Another Michigan couple had an overpayment of over $37,000 waived after filing an SSA-632 form and meeting an SSA agent. Their issue was due to a Social Security number mix-up, and the SSA waived the amount, understanding their financial reliance on monthly payments.

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How to Handle SSA Overpayments: Essential Tips to Protect Your Finances

Not all recipients were as fortunate. One person had 30 days to repay $121,000 and sold their home to comply. Another received $0 distributions for months due to an overpayment issue, showing varied outcomes for others dealing with the SSA.

Joseph’s story tells the importance of knowing your rights and options when facing overpayment notifications from the SSA. Filing an SSA-632 form and seeking in-person help can significantly affect the outcome, potentially waiving overpayments and avoiding financial trouble.

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