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Daviess County Board of Education Approves 4% Pay Raise, Classified Employees to Receive Wage Adjustments up to 15%

(photo: WEVV)

The Daviess County Board of Education approved a 4% pay raise for classified employees and the largest increase in 16 years.

Up to 15% Wage Adjustments for Certain Classified Employees, Reflecting Daviess County Board of Education’s Commitment to Educator Dedication

Certain groups of classified employees like bus drivers will see wage adjustments of up to 15% addressing long-standing discrepancies in compensation. Sara Harley, the district’s finance director explained that these adjustments are supported by increased state funding and projected rises in property taxes. This decision, made during a Tuesday meeting reflects a commitment to rewarding the dedication of educators, according to the report of Yahoo News.

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DCPS Adjusts Wages to Attract and Retain Classified Employees

DCPS is adjusting wages to attract and retain classified employees aiming to fill critical vacancies in roles like custodians and food service staff. By aligning wages with regional standards and the district hopes to strengthen its workforce.

Furthermore, the approval of the district’s 2024-25 budget including funds for school bus replacements highlights a commitment to fiscal responsibility and student safety. Additionally, increased funding for Family Resource and Youth Services Center coordinators underscores a holistic approach to addressing students’ needs beyond academics.

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