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Revitalizing Detroit: Blight Busters’ Affordable Housing Initiative Breathes New Life into Old Redford

Blight Busters’ Affordable Housing Initiative: Creating Accessible Homes in Detroit’s Old Redford Neighborhood

Addressing Housing Needs: Blight Busters’ Efforts to Provide Affordable Rentals in Detroit’s Evolving Landscape

According to CBSNews, In Detroit‘s Old Redford neighborhood, a group called Blight Busters is working hard to fix the problem of not having enough affordable housing. They started building a big project in October 2023 at Orchard Street and Lahser Road. Their goal is to make 48 two-bedroom apartments that Americans can rent. The rent will be based on how much money Americans make, starting at about $500 a month. Blight Busters, led by John George, wants to make sure families, especially kids, have a nice place to live, which is important for the whole community.

Detroit is changing a lot, with more fancy apartments and condos popping up. But George and Blight Busters are staying focused on making sure Americans with lower incomes can still find a good place to live. George talked to Americans in charge and got them to give more money to the project. This extra million dollars helps lower the rent for the apartments. It’s part of a bigger plan in Detroit to make sure everyone can find a home, which costs about $203 million.

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Blight Busters make progress with Detroit affordable housing complex

Revitalizing Detroit: Blight Busters’ Affordable Housing Initiative Breathes New Life into Old Redford (PHOTO: CBSNews)

Community Revitalization: Blight Busters’ Affordable Housing Project Brings Hope and Opportunity to Detroit’s Old Redford Neighborhood

Besides just building homes, Blight Busters’ project is also going to help the Old Redford neighborhood in other ways. George thinks it will make houses in the area worth more money, and it will help local businesses too. He believes this project will bring new opportunities and hope to the neighborhood. George and his team are excited about the good changes their affordable housing project will bring, showing how important it is for everyone to work together to solve problems like not having enough places to live.

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