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IRS Urges Americans to Claim Their $1 Billion Tax Refunds Now!

IRS Urges Americans: Claim Your Share of $1 Billion in Tax Refunds Before Deadline

Simplifying Tax Season: IRS Offers Free Tools, Including Direct File Software, to Expedite Refund Process

According to Entrepreneur, With less than two weeks left, the IRS is telling over one million Americans to hurry up and file their 2020 taxes. They could get back $1 billion in refunds. Because of the pandemic, the deadline got pushed back past the usual April 15 date. IRS boss Danny Werfel says it’s crucial for Americans to grab this chance to get their money back. On average, each person could get about $932 back for 2020.

The IRS made things easier with some tools to help with taxes. They made a free tax prep software called Direct File. It was tried out in 12 states this year. Even though the test run is over, Americans can still find other free IRS tools to help them with their taxes. So far this year, early tax filers have already got over $200 billion back in refunds. The average refund is about $3,011. New York and Pennsylvania are where Americans are getting the most money back.

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IRS Warns Americans To Claim Over $1 Billion in Tax Refunds

IRS Urges Americans to Claim Their $1 Billion Tax Refunds Now! (PHOTO: BlackEnterPrise)

Claim Your Tax Refund: Millions Await Unclaimed Funds in Five Key States

The IRS says there are still lots of Americans in five states who haven’t done their 2020 taxes yet. Those states are Texas, California, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania. Together, they have millions of dollars waiting to be claimed in refunds. Each person in those states could get back anywhere from $835 to $1,031. As the deadline gets closer, the IRS wants Americans to use their tools and file their taxes quickly. That way, they won’t miss out on getting their money back.

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