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Alaskans Will Receive a New Form of Stimulus Checks Next Week, How Much Will They Receive?

Stimulus Check
Residents in Alaska will receive a form of stimulus checks under the Permanent Fund Dividend. (Photo: Getty)

Qualified and eligible Alaskan residents will start receiving stimulus checks worth $1,100 next week as part of the Permanent Fund Dividend.

Permanent Fund Dividend

Millions of Americans await a new round of stimulus checks and tax refunds. Meanwhile, qualified and eligible Alaska residents will start receiving their own form of stimulus check under the Permanent Fund Dividend on May 16.

In a published article in MARCA, those who qualify will receive an amount of $1,100 starting May 16. This payment is an annual distribution to the state’s residents and comes from the oil earnings. Moreover, this is a yearly guaranteed cash stream in Alaska.

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Stimulus Checks

Residents in Alaska will receive a form of stimulus checks under the Permanent Fund Dividend. (Photo: Getty)

 Is the Application for the Stimulus Check Still Open?

Apparently, the application for the Permanent Fund Dividend for this year has already closed. However, interested applicants can review the eligibility requirements for next year’s stimulus checks. It is predicted that those who qualify will receive $1,312 next year.

Furthermore, the Permanent Fund Division (PFD) has released a schedule of stimulus check payments for eligible beneficiaries. Residents in “Eligible-Not Paid” status will receive their stimulus check payment on May 16.

Applicants are also reminded that it is important that they meet the 2025 eligibility requirements next year. They also need to be residents of Alaska for the entire 2024 with the intention of staying permanently. There are other eligibility requirements that applicants should know because the Permanent Fund Dividend is a crucial paycheck to Alaskan residents.

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