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Nearly $650K Fine: U.S. Department of Labor Found Tennessee Cleaning Company Illegally Hiring Minors in Slaughterhouses!

Tennessee Cleaning Company Fined $650K for Illegally Hiring Minors in Slaughterhouses

Urgent Call for Stricter Enforcement and Workplace Safety

According to USA Today, in a recent development a Tennessee cleaning company has been slapped with a hefty fine of nearly $650,000 for illegally hiring minors to work at slaughterhouses. The U.S. Department of Labor revealed that Fayette Janitorial Service LLC employed at least 24 children some as young as 13 years old at two meat packing facilities in Iowa and Virginia. The by the U.S. Department of Labor investigation uncovered alarming details with minors as young as 14 suffering severe injuries while working with dangerous equipment. Children were tasked with cleaning kill floor equipment including machinery like head splitters and bandsaws using harmful chemicals. This exploitation of minors in hazardous jobs violates U.S. Department of Labor laws which strictly prohibit employing individuals under 18 in such risky occupations.

The U.S. Department of Labor expressed determination to safeguard children from exploitation emphasizing the importance of enforcing labor standards. This incident underscores a troubling trend with child labor violations on the rise in recent years. Despite legislative efforts dating back to 1938 companies continue to flout regulations jeopardizing the safety of young workers for profit. This isn’t an isolated case. Earlier instances include fines imposed on a Tennessee parts supplier and a Baskin-Robbins franchisee for similar violations. Inadequate safety measures at a Mississippi poultry processing plant resulted in the death of a 16-year-old worker. The plant’s negligence led to a fatal accident highlighting the dire consequences of lax safety standards. In a separate incident McDonald’s franchisees faced penalties for violating the labor rights of over 300 minors including employing two 10-year-olds who were not even paid.

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Nearly $650K Fine: Tennessee Cleaning Company Illegally Hires Minors in Slaughterhouses, Labor Department Reveals! (PHOTO:

Wisconsin Company Pays Substantial Fine for Employing Over 100 Minors in Hazardous Occupations

Furthermore, similarly a Wisconsin company paid a substantial fine for employing over 100 minors in hazardous occupations at meat processing facilities across multiple states. These cases underscore the urgent need for stricter enforcement of labor laws and enhanced workplace safety measures. Employers must be held accountable for exploiting vulnerable workers especially children whose well-being should be protected above all else. It’s imperative that authorities remain vigilant in preventing such violations and ensuring that companies prioritize the safety and rights of their employees particularly those who are most vulnerable.

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