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$663 Settlement: Claim Compensation for BIPA Violations & $1,000 for Worker Misclassification – Check Eligibility!

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BIPA Violations: Claim Your $663 Compensation in CALMARK Group Settlement

Secure Compensation for BIPA Violations: $663 Payout for CALMARK Group Employees

In the realm of legal settlements, CALMARK Group faces allegations of violating the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), leading to a $385,200 settlement, according to the published article of The US Sun. Employees who used hand or finger-scanning time clocks at Calmark’s Illinois facilities between February 16, 2018, and June 7, 2019 without providing written consent may be eligible for compensation.

To claim a settlement payment individuals must submit a valid claim form by May 18, 2024. Eligibility criteria include using the time clocks without giving written consent during the specified period. The estimated payout per individual is $663, subject to the total number of claims.

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(photo: Top Class Actions)

Worker Misclassification Settlement: Claim Up to $1,000 for Maryland Applicators Lawsuit

Claim Compensation in BIPA Violations & More: $1,200 Payments Available in Credit Settlement

Maryland Applicators a contractor, has settled a lawsuit for $835,000 over worker misclassification. Eligible workers who performed drywall tasks at a Washington, DC job site between January 1, 2019, and March 6, 2023 could claim up to $1,000 by submitting a valid claim form by April 30.

American consumers have opportunities to claim compensation in various settlements, including a $9.75 million credit settlement offering $1,200 payments and a data breach settlement with payouts exceeding $3,000. It’s crucial for affected individuals to stay informed and take proactive steps to secure potential compensation.

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