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Over 600 San Antonio Families Facing Eviction Notices from Public Housing Authority – Check It Now!

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San Antonio Public Housing Authority Faces Backlash Over Mass Evictions

Opportunity Home Sparks Outcry with Eviction Letters to Hundreds in Public Housing

In San Antonio, more than 600 families and individuals who live in public housing got letters saying they had to leave their homes in the last two weeks. These letters came from Opportunity Home, the group in charge of local housing. They were sent to people who hadn’t paid their rent for a year or more, even if they owed just a little money., according to San Antonio Report.

This was the first time Opportunity Home did this since the pandemic started. Some people, including housing advocates and residents, went to a meeting to complain about what they called a “big eviction.” They were worried because even people who owed a little money, like less than $100, were getting kicked out along with those who owed a lot.

The head of Opportunity Home’s board was surprised by this. He asked why families who owed so little money were being told to leave. Another board member was shocked too, saying there were bigger problems in how things were being done.

The head of Opportunity Home said there were problems with their system that led to this. They had to fix things quickly before sending out the eviction notices. But even before the pandemic, some families owed money for years without getting help to pay it back. So, they need to do better at helping people sooner.

One big problem is that many families are waiting for public housing in San Antonio. There are around 113,000 households on the waiting list, many with kids. So, while it’s important to help families who can’t pay rent, the organization also has to think about the families waiting for a home.

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(photo: Housing Matters – Urban Institute)

San Antonio Public Housing Authority Faces Criticism for Eviction Notices Amidst Confusion and Financial Strain

The families who got eviction notices owe Opportunity Home more than $2.3 million altogether. Nearly half of them owe more than $3,000 each. Opportunity Home offers payment plans for those who owe less, but it’s harder for those who owe more money.

When families get a notice to leave, it’s just the first step. But it can be scary because it means they might have to leave their home eventually. Opportunity Home tries to explain how families can make a plan to pay back what they owe and stay in their homes.

One mom, Nicole, said she didn’t know she owed money until she got the notice. She was surprised and upset. Even though Opportunity Home tried to contact everyone who owed money, some families still felt confused and worried.

Some people think Opportunity Home should stop sending out eviction notices for now because things are so confusing. They say it would be better to talk face-to-face with families to explain things. While some things have improved at Opportunity Home, there’s still a lot of work to do to help families and make sure everyone has a place to live.

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