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Publix’s $30M Permit Sparks Hope for Economic Growth in St. Johns County

Publix Super Markets Secures $30 Million Permit for St. Johns County Pharmaceutical Facility

Economic Boost Expected: Publix Plans to Create Hundreds of Jobs with New Manufacturing Facility

According to Biz Journal, Publix Super Markets is moving ahead with its big plan for a central fill pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in St. Johns County, Florida. They got a $30 million permit for the project, which was first called Project Crew. The county also gave them up to $5.8 million in tax rebates. The facility will be at 200 Accolade Ave., near U.S. 1 and County Road 210, and will be a 168,480-square-foot warehouse.

Publix bought the property for $27.75 million and hopes to make a big impact on the region. At the start, they’ll hire about 115 Americans with a chance for up to 400 jobs over the next nine years. The facility plans to fill around 500,000 prescriptions a week when it opens with the ability to do 1 million later on. Publix is investing about $145 million in total, covering the building and equipment and they aim to start working there by the second quarter of 2026.

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Publix’s $30M Permit Sparks Hope for Economic Growth in St. Johns County (PHOTO: THE BUSINESS JOURNAL)

Publix’s Expansion Signals Commitment to Growth and Innovation in St. Johns County

This move by Publix shows they’re serious about growing and trying new things. With a lot of jobs and the ability to fill many prescriptions, the facility will help the local economy and meet the community’s healthcare needs. As the project moves forward Americans expect it will bring more jobs boost the economy, and make healthcare more accessible in St. Johns County.

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