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Over $480,000 in Unclaimed Property Tax Refunds Await in Riverside County – Check Now And Claim Your Share!

Claim Your Share of $480,000 in Unclaimed Property Tax Refunds in Riverside County

Hundreds Eligible for Property Tax Refunds Worth $480K in Riverside County

According to Audacy, In Riverside County there’s some good news for Americans who might have overpaid their property taxes in the past. It turns out that hundreds of business owners and residents are actually owed property tax refunds. The Treasurer-Tax Collector Matthew Jennings shared that there’s about $480,000 in refunds waiting to be claimed. These property tax refunds go back to the tax year of 2019 and even further. That’s a lot of money just waiting to find its way back to Americans it belongs to! If you think you might be owed some money don’t wait too long. The deadline to claim your property tax refunds is August 1st. After that the Board of Supervisors will decide whether to keep the unclaimed property tax refunds or give Americans more time to claim it. Jennings and his team are doing their best to reach out to everyone who might have some money waiting for them. They’re using all kinds of ways to get in touch like calling and sending notices.

If you’re curious to see if you’re on the list of Americans who might get some money back you can check it out online. Just head to the website they’ve set up for this purpose: There you’ll find a list of individuals and businesses who are eligible for property tax refunds. And if you need help filing a claim don’t worry. There are Americans you can call for assistance at 951-955-3900. They’ll guide you through the process. It’s important to note that the county can only hold onto this unclaimed money for four years before it becomes government property. So if you think you might be owed some money it’s best to check sooner rather than later. Most of these property tax refunds come from changes in property taxes that happened after the tax bill was already sent out. So if you think you might have overpaid it’s worth checking to see if you’re due for a refund.

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Over $480,000 in Unclaimed Property Tax Refunds Await in Riverside County – Check Now And Claim Your Share! (PHOTO: MSN)

Property Tax Refunds Varying from a Few Dollars to Thousands Await in Riverside County

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that these property tax refunds can vary in size. Some Americans might only be owed a few dollars while others could be looking at refunds worth thousands. So regardless of the amount it’s still money that rightfully belongs to the taxpayers and it’s important to claim it before it gets absorbed into the government’s funds. In past years the Board of Supervisors has shown some leniency by extending deadlines to give Americans more time to claim their property tax refunds. They understand that life gets busy and sometimes things slip through the cracks. So if you think you might be eligible for the property tax refunds don’t hesitate to check and file your claim.

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