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SUNY Cobleskill Opens Emergency Food Pantry, Providing Vital Support for Students in Need – Check it Out!

SUNY Cobleskill Launches Emergency Food Pantry for Students, Supported by Local Community and SUNY Funding

Addressing Student Needs for Food Security and Long-Term Support

According to NEWS10 ABC, SUNY Cobleskill recently opened an emergency food pantry for students in need. SUNY Cobleskill is located in Bouck Hall and provides food, drinks, toiletries, and hygiene products. The pantry was made possible by SUNY funding and donations from the local community and Students can visit the pantry Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. but they need to make an appointment first. It started operating on April 15 thanks to money SUNY Cobleskill received from the state budget in September 2023. SUNY Chancellor John B. King Jr. talked about how SUNY Cobleskill wants to help students with challenges like not having enough food a stable place to live or transportation. He thanked Governor Kathy Hochul for supporting SUNY’s efforts. They’re also working on a plan to help students get SNAP benefits which can provide ongoing support for students who need food assistance.

SUNY Cobleskill cares about its students and wants to make sure they have enough food to focus on their studies. The food pantry is part of this plan. It gives immediate help by giving out food and also helps students apply for SNAP benefits which can provide long-term support. The campus community is coming together to support the pantry and its mission. This shows that everyone cares and wants to help each other. SUNY Cobleskill is committed to making sure no student goes hungry so they can focus on learning without worrying about food.

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SUNY Cobleskill Opens Emergency Food Pantry, Providing Vital Support for Students in Need – Check it Out! (PHOTO: SUNY Cobleskill)

Strengthening Community Collaboration and Empowering Students for Success

Furthermore, the food pantry at SUNY Cobleskill is a clear sign of how much the university cares about its students. It’s a practical way to support students who are facing difficulties. By providing things like food and hygiene items SUNY Cobleskill ensures that students have what they need to succeed both now and in the future. Through teamwork between SUNY and the local community they’re making a big difference. This teamwork shows that when people work together they can solve significant problems. This collaboration reminds us that we all have a role in helping each other especially when it comes to students’ well-being. SUNY is also assisting students in applying for SNAP benefits which is important. These benefits can greatly help students struggling with food insecurity. By making it easier for students to access this assistance SUNY is empowering them to take control of their lives and futures. It’s all about helping students become stronger and more independent.

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