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Riverside Mayor Pushes for Continued Homelessness Funding Amid Progress and Challenges

Riverside Mayor Leads Effort to Secure Continued Homelessness Funding Programs in California

Lock Dawson Highlights Progress and Challenges in Addressing Homelessness Crisis in Riverside

According to Hey Socal, Riverside Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson and other mayors from big California cities went to Sacramento to ask for more money to help with homelessness. They talked with top leaders like Governor Gavin Newsom about keeping the $1 billion going for the Homeless, Housing Assistance, and Prevention program. Lock Dawson said this money has helped a lot, like reducing chronic homelessness by 12% and youth homelessness by 73% in Riverside.

But Lock Dawson also said there’s still a big problem with homelessness, especially in Riverside. She said for every person they help, six more people become homeless.

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Mayors Unite to Advocate for Sustained Homelessness Funding to Address Crisis in California


That’s why she thinks it’s important to keep getting money to keep helping people and stopping more families from becoming homeless. The mayors all agreed that they need the state to keep giving them money so they can keep working on this problem together. They want to keep making things better for people who need homes in California.

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