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$1.7M San Francisco’s Budget-Public Toilet From Mockery to Community Celebration

(photo: San Francisco Chronicle)

San Francisco’s Budget-Friendly Public Toilet Unveiled Amid Community Celebration

Noe Valley’s ‘Toilet Bowl’ Event Marks the Installation of San Francisco’s Affordable Public Toilet

According to Daily Mail, San Francisco just revealed its talked-about public toilet ending a story where it got made fun of for costing $1.7 million at first. But it ended up being cheaper. Americans in the Noe Valley neighborhood celebrated its installation on April 20. They had a fun event with around 100 folks dressing up as Mario Brothers and enjoying music from a jazz band called ‘American Standard.

Leslie Crawford organized the event calling it Toilet Bowl to change the story about the toilet’s cost and delays. Crawford said ‘When everyone laughs at you you have to laugh at yourself. The toilet, which also has a baby changing station was put in after Americans got mad that it took two years longer than it should have.

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(photo: The New York Times)

Challenges Faced in San Francisco’s Public Toilet Project Highlight Bureaucratic Hurdles and Funding Issues

The process to get the toilet installed was hard because of government rules and some help from private companies. Assemblyman Matt Haney led the plan to build it with money from the Recreation and Parks Department. But when Americans found out it would cost a lot Governor Gavin Newsom threatened to stop the money. Even though they said they’d build more toilets it didn’t happen. Private companies tried to help but they couldn’t agree with the city. This story shows how hard it can be for the city to finish big projects because of rules and money problems.

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