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Americans in Indiana Push for Child Tax Credit Expansion as Senate Deliberates – What To Know!

(photo: Now Habersham)

Indiana Advocates Call for Child Tax Credit Expansion Amid Senate Deliberations

Candace Baker of Indianapolis Urges Child Tax Credit Expansion for Families in Need

In Indiana, many Americans want the Child Tax Credit to be bigger again and the U.S. House already agreed but the Senate hasn’t decided yet, according to the published article of Public News Service. The idea could help 16 million kids from poor families in Indiana and the whole country. Both Republicans and Democrats like it but it’s stuck in the Senate. Americans say it helped a lot during the pandemic.

Candace Baker, a mom from Indianapolis says the tax credit helped her family. She had to get government help when she had a child. She says the government should bring it back to help other families like hers.

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(photo: FOX 13 Seattle)

Concerns and Hopes Surrounding Child Tax Credit Expansion Renewal in Senate Deliberations

The Child Tax Credit got bigger in 2021 but it ended and families need the help again. The Senate has to decide but they haven’t yet. Some Americans worry it might make some people not want to work. Others think it helps families who need it.

During the pandemic, the tax credit helped lots of families pay rent. But now, it didn’t pass in time for this year’s taxes. Nobody knows if it will come back, it’s a big deal for families who need the help and they’re waiting to see what happens.

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