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$70 Million Shift Boosting Cook County’s Food Services Amid Migrant Care Debate

Cook County Shifts $70 Million from Migrant Health Care to Food Services for New Arrivals

President Preckwinkle’s Budget Reflects County’s Adaptation to Migrants’ Evolving Needs

According to Chicago Tribune, the Cook County Board of Commissioners shifted $70 million from migrant healthcare funds to provide food services for new arrivals in Chicago. This move, part of President Toni Preckwinkle’s $9.6 billion 2024 budget, highlights the county’s adaptability to the evolving needs of migrants, particularly asylum-seekers. Additionally, $30 million will be designated for city expenses related to migrants and potential disasters in 2024.

While the decision received unanimous support some commissioners expressed concerns about its potential impact on other community needs. They emphasized the importance of transparency and proper oversight in ensuring that the funds are utilized effectively. Commissioner Tara Stamps underscored the need to address these concerns to ensure equitable distribution of resources.

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$70 Million Shift Boosting Cook County’s Food Services Amid Migrant Care Debate (PHOTO: WBEZ)

President Preckwinkle Vows Tight Oversight on Fund Expenditure Amidst Chicago’s Migrant Care Discussions

President Preckwinkle assured stakeholders that the county would closely monitor the expenditure of funds. Reimbursements for food expenses incurred by the city of Chicago will require proper documentation adding a layer of accountability. Meanwhile, discussions continue as Chicago aldermen postponed voting on Mayor Brandon Johnson’s plan to allocate $70 million for migrant care. This ongoing dialogue reflects efforts to strike a balance in resource allocation to address the needs of both migrants and local communities.

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