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1.225 Million Settlement Reminder for Companies on Unwanted Email Compliance

Chicago Cubs Settle Lawsuit for $1.225 Million Over Unwanted Email Despite Opt-Out Requests

Americans can Receive $300 Each in Settlement with Chicago Cubs for Unwanted Emails

According to The Suns, the Chicago Cubs agreed to pay $1.225 million to settle a lawsuit over sending unwanted emails, despite people opting out. Many customers were upset and complained it violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Affected individuals will receive about $300 each as part of the settlement. The Cubs settled without admitting fault to prevent more legal problems. To qualify, recipients must have gotten two unwanted texts from the Cubs after opting out, within a year before May 2, 2019. Approximately 2,486 people qualify for payment.

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1.225 Million Settlement Reminder for Companies on Unwanted Email Compliance (PHOTO: ADOBE STOCK)

Chicago Cubs Settlement Highlights Consequences for Unwanted Texts Emphasizes Importance of Compliance and Customer Respect

This settlement shows that companies can get in big trouble for sending unwanted texts. Even if they don’t admit fault they might still have to pay a lot of money. It’s a reminder for businesses to follow the rules about sending messages to customers and respect their wishes. And for the people affected it means they’ll get some compensation for the inconvenience.

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