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Navigating Tax Refund Delays Insights from Delaware Tracking Tools to Stay Informed

Tax Refund Delays Persist Despite Prompt Processing by IRS During 2024 Tax Season

Understanding Tax Refund Processing Delays in Delaware

According to Delawareonline, despite tax season starting on January 29 2024 many people are experiencing delays in receiving their 2023 tax refunds. The IRS is processing returns promptly but factors like tax return complexity and chosen filing method can cause delays. Opting for direct deposit usually results in faster refunds compared to paper checks which may take four to six weeks to arrive.

In Delaware, tax refund processing can take 10 to 12 weeks for returns needing extra checking by the Division of Revenue. Returns without problems usually take about six days. Errors or odd entries may cause delays. Deputy Principal Assistant Melissa Marlin suggests sending accurate documents quickly to speed up refunds and reminds taxpayers that getting a refund doesn’t mean their return was perfect.

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Navigating Tax Refund Delays Insights from Delaware Tracking Tools to Stay Informed (PHOTO: AARP)

Helpful Tools to Stay Informed During Tax Season

To track your 2023 tax refund use tools like the IRS’s (Where’s My Refund?) and Delaware’s state tax refund locator. These resources help you monitor your refund status and identify any delays. During tax season it’s wise to utilize these tools to stay informed and manage expectations regarding refund arrival.

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