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$25,000 Matching Grant: Double Your Impact with Modesto Children’s Museum – Check it Out!

Modesto Children’s Museum Offers $25,000 Matching Grant for Americans

Costa Family Foundation‘s Matching Grant Doubles Your Impact – Support Modesto Children’s Museum

According to Modesto Bee, the Modesto Children’s Museum has some exciting news for Americans in town. They’ve got a big chance to double the money they raise! Thanks to the Costa Family Foundation every dollar donated by Americans like you will be matched up to $25,000. That means if you donate your money will go twice as far in helping the Modesto Children’s Museum keep its programs running. Since Modesto Children’s Museum opened last September it’s been buzzing with activity. Lots of kids and families—more than 50,000 of them—have come through the doors for all sorts of fun stuff like field trips, birthday parties, and camps. And here’s the cool part: about 30% of the visitors came through a special program called Museums for All which makes sure families who get SNAP/EBT benefits can join in too.

The Modesto Children’s Museum is really grateful for all the support it’s gotten so far but there’s still more to do and they need your help. With the Costa Family Foundation’s matching grant your donation will make double the impact. So if you want to help make sure every kid in Modesto has a chance to learn and play at the museum now’s the time to chip in!

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$25,000 Matching Grant: Double Your Impact with Modesto Children’s Museum – Check it Out! (PHOTO: Modesto Bee)

Modesto Children’s Museum Matching Grant Ensures Inclusive Learning Opportunities

Furthermore, this matching grant isn’t just about doubling the money. It’s about making sure that learning is within reach for every child in Modesto regardless of their background or circumstances. Christina Mize who works at the museum says this grant is a big boost for their mission. She’s excited about how much they’ve accomplished already but she knows there’s still a lot more they can do with the community’s help.

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