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Illinois Grocery Tax Plan Criticized as Providing No Benefit to Taxpayers

Republicans Pushing for Consideration of Their Plan in Illinois Grocery Tax Debate

Local Governments and Republicans Clash Over Illinois Grocery Tax Repeal Proposal

The Republicans are pressing for their plan to be taken into consideration as the battle over eliminating Illinois‘ 1% grocery tax heats up. To combat excessive inflation, the legislature temporarily eliminated the tax last year. Governor J.B. Pritzker now wants to do away with it permanently, but local governments fear they would lose $375 million in revenue. Pritzker suggested letting local governments choose whether to bring back the tax, but many people are against it, saying it is unfair to tax food.

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Illinois Grocery Tax Plan Criticized as Providing No Benefit to Taxpayers. (PHOTO: Conservative News Daily™)

Senator DeWitte Challenges Governor Pritzker’s Grocery Tax Strategy Amidst Budget Debates

The governor’s strategy has drawn criticism from state senator Don DeWitte, who claims it places an unfair burden on local governments. He put forth a bill to use the state income tax to make up the difference in revenue. Legislators must make decisions regarding the grocery tax and other budget initiatives before the end of May. In the meantime, Pritzker launched a new initiative in Chicago to support struggling food stores by promoting them in underprivileged neighborhoods. He underlined that before allocating further funds, it is crucial to make sure the project benefits taxpayers. In both rural and urban regions where access to wholesome food is restricted, DeWitte recognized the necessity of such initiatives.

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