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Get Free Cash at Your Grocery Store “Schnucks” – Check Your State to Claim!


Step into Savings: Join Schnucks’ Health Challenge to Earn $5 Weekly in Rewards!

Walk for Wellness: Take 50,000 Steps a Week and Claim Your $5 Reward with Schnucks!

According to published article of knkx, Schnucks the renowned grocery chain has launched an exciting initiative aimed at promoting healthier lifestyles among its patrons. Until April 30th shoppers have the opportunity to earn $5 in rewards points each week by simply taking 50,000 steps which averages to just over 7,000 steps a day. This innovative step challenge underscores Schnucks’ commitment to fostering community health and well-being.

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Get Free Cash at Your Grocery Store – Check Your State to Claim! (PHOTO: CNBC)

Join the Movement: Schnucks’ Health Challenge Encourages Community Wellness and Rewards!

Allison Primo Schnucks’ manager of health and wellness highlighted the significance of this initiative in encouraging healthier choices. “Our goal with this step challenge is to bring our community together to build healthier habits  Primo emphasized. “By rewarding our customers for their physical activity throughout April we aim to support them in achieving their health goals while shopping at Schnucks.” With participation as easy as downloading the FitLvl app and creating an account linked to their Schnucks Rewards shoppers can seamlessly integrate wellness into their daily routines while earning rewards along the way. Schnucks’ step challenge not only incentivizes physical activity but also demonstrates the company’s dedication to the overall health and happiness of its customers.

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