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2023 Tax Returns in Delaware File Yours Now and Get Your Refund Faster with Electronic Filing and Direct Deposit!

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2023 Tax Returns: Important Deadlines and Assistance Program

 2023 Tax Returns in Delaware: Rules and Assistance Programs

With the April 15 deadline looming Americans are gearing up to file their 2023 taxes as highlighted by Delaware Online. It’s crucial to submit federal tax returns on time or request an extension using Form 4868. Assistance programs such as IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance are available for individuals with low incomes, disabilities, or language barriers. In Delaware where the state tax return deadline is April 30 it’s essential to grasp the regulations particularly for non-resident workers. Specialized programs like IRS Free File and MilTax cater to specific groups including service members and individuals earning below $73,000. Additionally, a new online filing option called IRS Direct File has been introduced though it’s currently available in Delaware.

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2023 Tax Returns: Important Deadlines and Assistance Program. (photo: USA Today)

Tips for Efficiently Processing 2023 Tax Returns

For speedy refunds, file electronically with direct deposit. The IRS aims for a 21-day turnaround but it may vary for certain credits or mailed returns. Use tools like “Where’s My Refund?” on the IRS website or app and Delaware has its own tracker. Stay on top of things for a smooth tax season wrap-up.

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