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Federal Reserve Policy Deepens Economic Inequality, Cementing a Permanent Underclass for Americans

Economist Warns of Rising Economic Inequality Due to Federal Reserve Policies

Concerns Mount Over Federal Reserve’s Impact on Economic Inequality and Living Expenses for Average Americans

An article from Texas News and KTRH Local Houston expresses worries about how the Federal Reserve may affect regular Americans. The Federal Reserve has sought to stabilize the economy and stop the financial elites from controlling markets at the expense of the working people since its founding in 1913. But things have changed in the last few decades, with the Fed being blamed for making economic inequality worse. Economist Vance Ginn draws attention to the negative consequences of the Fed’s policies, which include excessive money creation and artificially low interest rates that drive up living expenses for a large number of people. There may need to be change at the Fed, which might have an impact on upcoming administrations. Proposals to revert to the strategy of former chairman Paul Volker, which prioritized long-term stability above temporary solutions, are made.

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Federal Reserve Policy Deepens Economic Inequality, Cementing a Permanent Underclass for Americans. (PHOTO: Liberty Street Economics)

Political Turmoil Brews Over Fed Chairman’s Performance and Potential Replacements Amid Economic Uncertainty

The current chairman, Jerome Powell, faces criticism, especially from former President Trump, who blames him for economic woes and hints at potential replacements. However, any significant changes may involve short-term sacrifices for long-term gains, raising concerns about political backlash. As discussions unfold, the Biden Administration’s policies continue to impact lower and middle-class Americans, highlighting the urgency of addressing economic challenges facing the nation.

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