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SNAP Recipients Able to Replace Destroyed Food Items – West Virginia Flood Relief!

Ohio Valley Floods: West Virginia’s DHHR Aids SNAP Recipients in Recovering Food Losses

Assistance for Affected Families: DHHR Offers Forms to Report Flood-Related Food Losses

The recent flooding of the Ohio River has caused devastation for many families across the Ohio Valley, leaving hundreds without homes and belongings. Alongside household items, families have also lost essential food supplies due to the flooding. To assist those affected, the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources is offering support to EBT SNAP benefit recipients who have suffered food losses. Recipients can recoup some of their losses by filling out a form provided by the department and returning it to their local DHHR office within 10 days of the reported loss date.

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Deadline for Reporting Flood-Related Food Losses: Act Fast to Receive Support from West Virginia DHHR

The form instructions specify that all replacements for lost food will be issued directly to the recipient’s EBT account. However, households that have already received the maximum SNAP benefit amount may not be eligible for disaster supplemental benefits, as outlined in the request form. This initiative aims to provide aid to those impacted by the flooding, ensuring that affected families have access to necessary resources during this difficult time.

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