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Rising Costs Drive Medicare Recipients to Delay Healthcare More Than Other Insured Adults

Financial Strain Forces Medicare Recipients to Postpone Vital Medical Care, Survey Finds

Medicare Recipients Facing Financial Strain Delay Essential Medical Care

According to recent data, many Americans who are older or have impairments find it difficult to pay for their medical care. QMedic conducted a study using data from the Commonwealth Fund’s 2023 survey, which inquired about over 8,000 persons’ capacity to pay for medical care. It was discovered that 50% of working adults had difficulty covering their medical costs, even if they had employer-sponsored health insurance.

For those on Medicare, a form of health insurance available to the elderly and some disabled individuals, the circumstances are particularly difficult. The price of healthcare for the 66 million Americans who rely on Medicare have increased by more than half in the past ten years. Due to financial constraints many of them are now delaying essential medical care; 42% of them report having to postpone appointments or procedures.

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Rising Costs Drive Medicare Recipients to Delay Healthcare More Than Other Insured Adults. (PHOTO: Healthcare Finance News)

Health Decline Linked to Delayed Care Among Medicare Recipients, Highlighting Urgency for Affordability Solutions

Their health is deteriorating as a result of the wait for care. Nearly three of every five Medicare beneficiaries who put off medical care due to expense reported that doing so made their health worse. While certain new regulations may help Medicare beneficiaries pay less for their prescription drugs, more work needs to be done to ensure that everyone can afford the treatment they require.

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