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Aiding 300,000 Low-Income Families in Combating Child Hunger

Colorado Launches Summer EBT Program to Support Low-Income Families

Colorado Summer EBT Program Offers Food Assistance

According to the report of Chalkbeat, Colorado is getting ready to help lots of families who do have a lot of money by starting the Summer EBT program in June. This will give $120 to each kid who needs it to buy food during the summer when they are not getting meals at school. The state is teaming up with the Colorado Department of Human Services and the Colorado Department of Education to make this happen using money from the government and a little bit from the state.

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Colorado Summer EBT Program Offers Food Assistance (PHOTO: Chickasaw Nation)

Ensuring Low-Income Families Have Enough to Eat

Families who already get help from programs like SNAP or Medicaid will get these special cards in the mail automatically. But if families think they should get help and have heard anything they can call the Summer EBT Support Center. And even if families get these cards their kids can still go to local schools or other places for free meals during the summer. By doing this Colorado is making sure kids from low-income families have enough to eat and its showing other states how to do it too.

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