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Homeless Funding San Francisco’s Mismanaged Cause Outrage – Nonprofit Under Fire!

HomeRise Audit Uncovers Misuse of Taxpayer Funds for Homeless Housing

San Francisco Nonprofit’s Financial Mismanagement Raises Concerns Over Accountability

An audit released on Tuesday has revealed concerning financial mismanagement and potential misuse of taxpayer funds by HomeRise, one of San Francisco’s largest housing providers for formerly homeless individuals. The independent audit conducted by Sjoberg Evashenk Consulting outlined instances where millions of dollars in public funds were allegedly misused, alongside allegations of fat bonuses and risky financial maneuvers that “heightened the risk of fraud.” The report described HomeRise’s financial practices as “wasteful” and “uncontrolled,” raising serious concerns about the organization’s accountability and stewardship of taxpayer dollars. HomeRise manages nearly 1,500 apartments spread across 19 sites in the city, providing vital services to some of San Francisco’s most vulnerable citizens. The nonprofit organization employs 250 people, has an annual budget of around $34 million, and has contracts with the city worth more than $240 million in loans, grants, and subsidies. However, the audit found that HomeRise engaged in dubious practices that took money away from facility upkeep and tenant services. These actions included hiring more employees without taking financial consequences into account and giving unapproved salary hikes and incentives.

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Outrage Over HomeRise Mismanagement: Residents and Officials Demand Accountability

Despite HomeRise CEO Janéa Jackson’s commitment to addressing the issues highlighted in the audit, the revelations have sparked outrage among residents and city officials. Controller Greg Wagner condemned the diversion of public funds for questionable purposes, emphasizing HomeRise’s obligation to ensure appropriate management of taxpayer money. The audit findings add to growing scrutiny surrounding nonprofit groups in San Francisco, with recent investigations into alleged financial misconduct at organizations like SF Safe and allegations of lavish spending and unchecked criminal activity at the United Council of Human Services.

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