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$350M in Transportation Revenue and $80-$90M from Tobacco Taxes Agreed Upon

Maryland Lawmakers Navigate Tax and Fee Decisions Amid Economic Concerns and Bridge Collapse Fallout

Transportation Revenue Takes Center Stage as Maryland Lawmakers Reach Compromise on Taxes and Fees

According to the report of WJZ NEWS, Maryland Lawmakers have made a big decision about taxes and fees. They were worried about a plan for $1.3 billion in extra money because of economic troubles and the bridge collapse in Baltimore. Both Democrat-led groups argued a lot especially with a big Senate race coming up where a Republican Larry Hogan is a strong candidate. Hogan is famous for saying no to tax hikes which made a big impact on the talks.

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$350M in Transportation Revenue and $80-$90M from Tobacco Taxes Agreed Upon (PHOTO: CBS News)

Maryland Lawmakers Forge Compromise Budget, Prioritizing Transportation Revenue for Fiscal Stability

Governor Wes Moore had a plan for a $63 billion budget without extra taxes. But the House wanted more money from things like car fees and changing business taxes. The Senate said no to some ideas making the talks last longer. In the end they agreed on some new ways to get money like raising car registration fees and adding a fee for electric cars. They also agreed to fees for ride hailing services and bigger fines for speeding in construction areas. They also raising taxes on tobacco to help pay for schools. This plan shows how they trying different ways to fix money problems in Maryland especially in transportation.

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