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Child Tax Credit for Illegal Immigrant Faces Strong Opposition – A Controversial Proposal!

Public Sentiment Turns Against Child Tax Credits for Undocumented Immigrants Amid Border Concerns

Center for Excellence in Polling Survey Highlights Opposition to Extending Child Tax Credits to Illegal Immigrants

Amid escalating concerns over President Joe Biden’s immigration policies, particularly regarding the surge in illegal border crossings, public sentiment has turned decisively against granting child tax credits to undocumented immigrants. A recent survey conducted by the Center for Excellence in Polling highlights widespread opposition among likely voters to extending a $1,800 tax credit to illegal immigrants, even if their children are legal U.S. citizens. This backlash reflects growing apprehension over what some perceive as loopholes in the proposed legislation, allowing federal funds to be channeled to illegal immigrant parents.

Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith has taken proactive steps to address these concerns by introducing the “Safeguarding American Workers’ Benefits Act,” aimed at closing loopholes that enable illegal immigrants to claim federal child tax credits. Senator Hyde-Smith emphasized the urgency of fiscal responsibility in light of mounting national debt and taxpayer-funded benefits being claimed by illegal immigrants. The poll results underscore strong support for measures like hers, with an overwhelming majority of respondents expressing opposition to extending child tax credits to undocumented immigrants and their children, reflecting broader discontent with the current immigration policies.

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Foundation for Government Accountability CEO Warns Against Welfare Expansion for Illegal Immigrants

Tarren Bragdon, president and CEO of the Foundation for Government Accountability, emphasized the detrimental impact of expanding welfare programs to include illegal immigrants, cautioning against incentivizing welfare over work and rewarding unlawful entry into the country. As Senate Republicans navigate public sentiment and policy decisions, Bragdon’s remarks underscore the imperative of aligning legislative actions with the concerns and preferences of the electorate, particularly regarding immigration and fiscal policy.

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