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Deadline Looms: $11 Million in Unclaimed Tax Refunds Await Iowans for 2020, IRS Urges Prompt Action

Thousands of Iowans may have been missing out on a combined $11 million in unclaimed tax refunds for 2020. Since the IRS extended its deadline to May 17th, it is a chance for Iowans to claim their money and discover potential benefits like the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Awaiting Iowans for 2020

A total amount of $11 million for the tax year 2020 is waiting for eligible Iowans to claim their tax refunds from 2020. Christopher Miller, an IRS spokesman, emphasized the importance of individuals being aware of their eligibility to claim these refunds, extended by the IRS to May 17th. Miller stated, “It’s crucial for individuals to check their eligibility and file for these refunds promptly.” The deadline is more than a month away but still many are unaware of their eligibility to claim these refunds which are extended by the IRS to May 17th, according to Radio Iowa. This is an opportunity for Iowans to recover funds they may have overlooked. They just have to check their eligibility and file for these refunds promptly since the pandemic is causing financial strain for many.  Miller says many low and moderate-income workers also may be eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit for 2020 as well. Iowans must seize the opportunity to claim what’s rightfully theirs before it’s too late.

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A Chance for Iowans’ Benefit

For many Iowans who may have missed out on valuable funds during the chaotic year of 2020 the chance to claim unclaimed tax refunds offers a lifeline. The IRS has extended the deadline to May 17th and individuals are urged to seize this opportunity to potentially recover funds they’re entitled to.

The unclaimed tax refunds, totaling $11 million, highlight the importance of thorough tax review and awareness of eligibility criteria, especially for those with part-time or low-income jobs. They may explore the Earned Income Tax Credit where eligible individuals can maximize their refunds and alleviate financial burdens. Act now and seize your unclaimed tax refunds.

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