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$20 Minimum Wage for Fast Food Workers – California’s Economic Impact and Job Concerns!

(photo: NPR Illinois)

California Raises Fast-Food Worker Minimum Wage to $20 Per Hour

Fast Food Council: Monitoring Minimum Wage Progression

Starting Monday, fast-food workers in California will get paid at least $20 per hour. This new rule is because of a law passed by California Democrats. It aims to help workers who rely on their fast-food jobs to support themselves and their families.

The law only applies to fast-food places that are part of big national chains. It doesn’t include places inside grocery stores or ones that mainly sell bread. The $20 minimum wage is just the beginning. There’s a group called the Fast Food Council that will decide if the wage should go up each year until 2029, according to the published article of International Business Times. They’ll look at things like how prices change over time.

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$20 Minimum Wage for Fast Food Workers – California’s Economic Impact and Job Concerns (photo:

California’s $20 Minimum Wage Sparks Debate Over Job Impact

Furthermore,  this new law is supposed to help workers and some Americans are worried about what it might mean for jobs. California already has a lot of Americans without jobs and the new law might make it harder for businesses to hire more people. But others think it’s important for workers to get paid enough to live on. It’s a big change and people will be watching to see how it all works out.

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