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115 Families Receive $350 Weekly in NYC Migrant Debit Card Program – a Boost to Migrant Wallet?

Adams Administration Rolls Out Debit Card Program for Migrants in NYC

Concerns Arise Over Contract Awarded to New Jersey Firm MoCaFi

According to the New York Post, finally, the Adams administration in New York City is giving out debit cards to migrants staying at hotels in the Roosevelt Hotel Welcome Center. The debit card program starts with 115 families each getting $350 per week for six weeks. But people are asking questions about why MoCaFi a small company from New Jersey got the contract without anyone else being able to bid.

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115 Families Receive $350 Weekly in NYC Migrant Debit Card Program – a Boost to Migrant Wallet? (PHOTO: PIX11)

Concerns Mount Over Transparency and Fairness in MoCaFi Contract for Migrant Debit Card Program

Some people are worried because MoCaFi got a lot of taxpayer money without anyone else getting a chance. Even though they said it was an emergency it took a long time for migrants to get any money. And people wonder if MoCaFi’s service is really special enough to be the only choice. The mayor talked about getting ideas for new technology to find guns in the subways but they didn’t do the same thing to help the debit card program of migrants. Americans think it’s strange that they didn’t ask other companies to give ideas. Now as the debit card program starts Americans still worry about whether it will work well and whether everything is fair.

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