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Wilmington Farmers Market Increases Accessibility: EBT and SNAP Users Can Receive Double Benefits for Fresh Produce

(PHOTO: Tododisca)

Encouraging Diversity: Wilmington Farmers Market at Tidal Creek Introduces Double Bucks Program to Improve SNAP/EBT Users’ Accessibility

Student Viewpoint: Tidal Creek Co-Op Employee and UNCW Student Support Double Bucks Program for Improving Access to Nutritious Local Produce

An innovative program to assist neighborhood communities has been launched by the Wilmington Farmers Market at Tidal Creek, according to an article written in FOX Wilmington. To promote diversity, the market has introduced the Double Bucks Program, which will improve accessibility for those who need SNAP/EBT assistance. This innovative program matches up to $20 in benefits, thereby giving participants a way to get an extra $20 worth of wholesome, locally-grown vegetables for free. Student at UNCW and worker at Tidal Creek Co-Op Camille Bliss praises the program and emphasizes how it will increase access to fresh, organic vegetables. She talks about her own experience and thanks the program for expanding her supermarket selections so she may enjoy a wide variety of food that would otherwise be financially unaffordable.

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Wilmington Farmers Market Increases Accessibility: EBT and SNAP Users Can Receive Double Benefits for Fresh Produce (PHOTO:

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Encouraging Local Farmers and Promoting Healthier Food Accessibility: Wilmington Farmers Market’s Double Bucks Program Empowers Community through Accessible Nutrition

Bliss highlights the program’s dual advantages, which support the neighborhood farming community in addition to enabling consumers to make better decisions. The project challenges the idea that premium produce is a luxury that is only available to a select few, and it is in line with a larger philosophy of supporting healthful, sustainable food options. As Bliss considers how she can now enjoy an abundance of fresh salads, the Double Bucks Program shows promise by creating a culture in which healthy food is accessible to everybody regardless of financial status. The Wilmington Farmers Market at Tidal Creek, which is situated at 5329 Oleander Dr., is a prime example of the ability of neighborhood-based programs to promote a more just and healthy society.

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