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9 Locations Boost Fruit & Veggie Access for Community Members

Buncombe County Farmers Markets Welcome Community Members to a Feast of Fresh Delights

Buncombe County Farmers Markets Invite Community Members to Explore the Season Harvest

According to the report of 13 NEWS, As spring blooms Buncombe County farmers markets buzz with excitement marking the start of the growing season. In April and May these markets burst open with a variety of fresh foods like Veggies Meats Cheeses and Breads. They offer something for everyone from crisp greens to juicy fruits meeting the different tastes of community members.

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9 Locations Boost Fruit & Veggie Access for Community Members (PHOTO: WLOS)

Buncombe County Farmers Markets Promote Healthy Eating for All

Nine markets in Buncombe County are leading the charge with programs like ASAP Double SNAP for Fruits and Vegetables and Farm Fresh Produce Prescription. These programs help folks on SNAP buy fresh produce by giving them extra Farm Fresh Bucks when they use their SNAP tokens. Its a way to encourage better food choices and support local farmers too. The Farm Fresh Produce Prescription program part of ASAP Farm Fresh for Health project brings healthcare and good eating together. Doctors and nurses can prescribe fresh fruits and veggies to patients to help them stay healthy or manage health issues. Patients can be use these prescriptions at their local farmers market linking healthcare with overall well-being. As Buncombe County celebrates spring bounty it also shows its commitment to keeping its community members healthy and happy inside and out.

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