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NCDHHS and Benefits Data Trust Offer Assistance for SNAP Enrollment

North Carolina Steps Up SNAP Enrollment Assistance for Eligible Veterans

NCDHHS Partners with Benefits Data Trust to Boost SNAP Enrollment Among North Carolina Veterans

According to the report of 15 NEWS, North Carolina officials are helping veterans in a big way. Around 14,000 veterans in the state are eligible for a program called SNAP which helps them buy groceries. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is leading this effort. They are working with a group called Benefits Data Trust to find veterans who could get SNAP but are signed up yet.

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NCDHHS and Benefits Data Trust Offer Assistance for SNAP Enrollment (PHOTO: WPDE)

Ensuring SNAP Enrollment for Veterans Well-being

They reaching out to these veterans with personalized letters and text messages. Their goal is to make it easier for veterans to sign up for SNAP. The state knows that SNAP and Medicaid are super important for veterans and their families. So they are working hard to make sure veterans know about these programs and can sign up if they need to. This shows how much North Carolina cares about its veterans making sure they have enough food to eat and can get the healthcare they need.

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