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$813.5 Million Refund Transparency House Bill 1893 in Tennessee – Check It Out!

Tennessee House Bill 1893 Mandates Transparency in $813.5 Million Refund Distribution

Companies Required to Offset Refund Amounts with Tax Credits under House Bill 1893

According to Claiborne Progress, House Bill 1893 in Tennessee the Department of Economic and Community Development must show which companies get part of a big $813.5 million refund. House Bill 1893 also says that these companies must use any tax credits they got from the department to lower their refund amount. Representative William Lamberth who’s from Portland pointed out that the House Bill 1893’s cost was intentionally lowered from $1.55 billion in the Senate version.

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$813.5 Million Refund Transparency House Bill 1893 in Tennessee – Check It Out! (PHOTO: The Center Square)

Lamberth Backs Franchise Tax End, Ensures Refund Reserve in Tennessee

Lamberth believes the current franchise tax is legal but supports ending it. He assures that extra money for refunds won’t be redirected serving as a backup for unexpected refund requests. Though the Department of Economic and Community Development doesn’t disclose companies’ tax credits, the Tennessee Department of Revenue reports significant credits for things like industrial machinery and job creation. Tennessee offers incentives like tax credits for buying machinery and creating jobs. Using credits from the Economic and Community Development Department will reduce total refunds. Governor Bill Lee plans to allocate $351.7 million from this year’s budget to the refund fund anticipating lower tax revenue next year. Businesses must apply for rebates by February 3, 2025.

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