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HB 367: Kentucky Senate Delays Vote Amid SNAP and Farming Concerns


SNAP Access and Farming Livelihoods Are Concerned about HB 367

Considering SNAP and farming implications, the Kentucky Senate postponing voting on HB 367

According to Smart News, concerns have been raised about House Bill 367‘s possible effects on the state’s farming community and SNAP participants, as it is presently in limbo in the Kentucky Senate. The proposed measure aims to strengthen the conditions for eligibility for SNAP benefits and gives the Kentucky Legislature authority over requests for waivers of job requirements, which were previously handled by a state cabinet. Opponents claim that this change could endanger SNAP participants’ access to fresh produce and the livelihoods of farmers, especially in rural areas where farmers’ markets are essential for obtaining food.

Anti-hunger advocates condemn bill to close 'wildly abused loopholes' in  SNAP • Kentucky Lantern
HB 367: Kentucky Senate Delays Vote Amid SNAP and Farming Concerns (PHOTO: Kentucky Lantern)

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Community Farm Alliance Alerts People to Potential Danger to SNAP Access and Farming Livelihoods

The Community Farm Alliance‘s Policy Campaign Coordinator, Kimberly Ishmael, highlights the mutually beneficial relationship between SNAP benefits and farmers markets, stressing the vital support both programs offer to small-scale farms. In addition to jeopardizing farmers’ financial security, the proposed modifications may make food insecurity in marginalized areas worse. Stakeholders are alert as HB 367’s future is uncertain, emphasizing the ways in which social welfare initiatives and agriculture policy are intertwined in forming Kentucky’s food system.

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