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Activist Groups Demand a Greater SNAP Minimum Benefit During Budget Talks in New York

Greater SNAP Minimum Benefit During Budget Talks in New York (PHOTO: The Daily Orange)

Governor Hochul is under increasing pressure to raise the New York SNAP minimum benefit

As the Budget Deadline Draws Near, Advocates Stress the Need for Quick Action

According to a recent Spectrum News article, Governor Kathy Hochul is under pressure from a wide coalition of interested groups to raise the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) minimum payout in New York to $100 per month. These groupings include those in business, public health, and agriculture. The group highlights how critical it is to address members’ declining monthly benefits when Emergency Allotments (EAs) expire, citing the significant economic impact of SNAP, which serves over 2.8 million New Yorkers and generates over $5 billion in revenue for the state annually.

With expenses on the rise, food insecurity was made worse by households in New York, which lost an average of $151 a month last year. With the state budget deadline approaching on April 1, the letter’s signatories which include well-known groups like the Business Council, Instacart, and AARP emphasize the widespread support for this venture.

Food Stamps for People With Disabilities
Activist Groups Demand a Greater SNAP Minimum Benefit During Budget Talks in New York
(PHOTO: Special Needs Answers)

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State Senate Suggests $50 Million for the New York State SNAP Minimum-Benefits Program in Light of Growing Concerns About Food Insecurity

A $50 million provision to establish the NYS SNAP Minimum-Benefits program, which would ensure that families receive a minimum benefit of $50 per month, is included in the proposed budget of the New York State Senate. Although brief increases in SNAP payments during the COVID-19 pandemic were beneficial, these improvements have already ended, making many households susceptible to food poverty. Recent data from the State Health Department, which shows that about one in four persons in New York suffer from food insecurity, emphasizes the seriousness of this problem. Advocates are calling for immediate action to guarantee that all New Yorkers have access to reasonably priced and nutrient-dense food options, as the status of SNAP benefits is in jeopardy amid ongoing debates about the state budget.

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