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Mount Vernon’s “Level Up”: A Guaranteed Income Experiment with No Strings Attached

The Biden Administration’s Support: American Rescue Plan Funds Innovative Social Experiment in Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon, New York, is embarking on an innovative social experiment, with some residents set to receive $500 monthly payments as part of a guaranteed income program. The “Level Up” program is a collaboration between the city and Abt Associates, a research organization whose goal is to analyze the results of persons who receive unconditional cash payments. The program, sponsored by the Biden administration’s American Rescue Plan, will offer $6,000 to 200 selected people over the course of a year, with no restrictions on how the money is used or employment requirements.

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Health and Wellbeing Checks: Applicants’ Answers Key in Determining Participants for Guaranteed Income Program

The program was open to Mount Vernon residents, who live just north of New York City, but the time for applications has since passed. The chosen individuals were drawn at random from a group of applicants who provided answers to questions about their general health and wellbeing. Although the program’s goal is to augment current social safety nets rather than replace them, it is a brave move in the direction of investigating alternate strategies for dealing with economic instability and helping those in need. Mount Vernon is one of the increasing number of localities experimenting with guaranteed income programs as a way to encourage financial stability and equity within their communities. Recipients are currently waiting for their monthly payments.

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