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Propose Farmworker Housing Tax Credit- New York Legislators Cultivate Support!

New York Lawmakers Champion Farmworker Housing Tax Break to Stem Farm Closures

Tax Break Proposal Targets Farmworker Housing Shortage in New York

Two New York politicians aim to aid farms and people who need cheap housing. They proposed legislation that would provide a 20% tax discount for building dwellings for farmworkers. Senator Jim Tedisco and Assembly Democrat Marianne Buttenschon believe this will prevent more farmers from closing. According to reports, many farms have closed in recent years, leaving insufficient farmland.

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Propose Farmworker Housing Tax Credit- New York Legislators Cultivate Support! (

Proposed Tax Break for Farmworker Housing Aims to Boost Farm Viability and Job Opportunities

The goal is to make it easier for farmers to hire workers by providing them with a tax incentive to build homes. According to Jeff Williams of the New York Farm Bureau it is unusual that farms may receive tax benefits building barns but not for housing workers. He believes that this bill will address that issue. The hope is that if workers have homes, more farms will be able to flourish resulting in more jobs. A special Senate committee is currently discussing the legislation. If passed, it might benefit farms and those in need of housing.

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