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Republicans Under Fire for Proposed Bill to Strip Funding for DEI Programs in Medical Schools”

House Democrats Condemn Republican Attempt to Defund DEI Programs in Medical Schools

Democrats Rally Against GOP Effort to Cut Funding for Diversity Initiatives in Medical Education

According to the report of GRIO, House Democrats are strongly against House Republicans plan to take away money from medical schools that support Diversity Equity and Inclusion DEI programs and teach about white supremacy. Representatives Robin Kelly Maxwell Frost and Steven Horsford are speaking out against this idea. They say its unfair and harmful to efforts to make the medical field more diverse. The bill introduced by Rep. Greg Murphy R-N.C. wants to stop funding for schools that have DEI programs and scholarships for certain racial groups. Republicans say these programs could harm the medical profession reputation.

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Republicans Under Fire for Proposed Bill to Strip Funding for DEI Programs in Medical Schools (PHOTO: TheGrio)

Democrats Advocate for Diversity in Medical Education Amid Threats to DEI Programs

They worried that if the bill passes it will make it harder to get more people from different backgrounds into medical schools. This could make existing healthcare inequalities even worse. Even though Democrats are fighting hard against the bill its not clear if it will become law especially since the Senate is mostly made up of Democrats. But Democrats are determined to keep fighting against any efforts to stop DEI programs in medical education. They say its important to give everyone no matter their race or background the chance to succeed in the medical field.

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